Gambled away the kids university funds I have lost my kids’ money

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I have always been a bit of a gambler but in recent years, things have become a lot worse. This year, I have managed to gamble away the kid’s university funds on Brixton escorts from Brixton escorts in London and I have not told my wife. I am sure that she will be furious, and somehow, I will need to find the courage to tell her. It is not fair, and I know that I have done something really wrong. What I really need is help with my gambling addiction, and I have contacted a specialist group. After my first meeting, it was obvious that the first thing I needed to do was to tell my. It is a big hurdle for me, and I am not sure that she will ever trust me again. We can perhaps make the money up now that we have paid off the mortgage, but I am not sure that she will forgive me.
Do you have a gambler in the family?
There are many different ways of gambling, and sometimes I wonder if it is not just a little bit too easy. I adore our neighbors next door, but I was shocked when I recently found out that the husband has gambled away, the kid’s university funds. University is so expensive these days, and taking out a loan means that the kids are going to have a hard time paying back the money. It does look like my friend is going to stand by her husband, but the next few years will be hard. They are trying to get the mortgage paid off, and now they are also going to have to save extra money. How are they going to do that I just don’t know.
My neighbor normally shops in Waitrose, but this week I noticed that all of the bags came from Aldi instead. I felt really sorry for her, and I asked her in for a cup of tea. It cannot be easy to live with a gambler in the family. Her husband had not lost everything at the bookies, he had gambled on the {stock market as well with Brixton escorts in London, Actually, he was hoping to raise enough money by putting the funds on the stock market, to finance the kids’ education, and his gambling habit. It did not work out and they have lost a lot of money. They still have the shares, and hopefully they will {go up over the next few years.
My friend is now in charge of all of the finances, and her husband is receiving help from sort of charity. It turns out that he got excited by all of the money that he was making first of all, and then his luck ran out. My friend is blaming herself as well. She knew that her husband had always been a bit of a gambler, but she did not know how serious his problem had become. They have always had separate accounts, and her husband was in charge of the kids’ money. Apparently that did not work out very well for them, and now they are in a heck of a state.
I am glad that my husband and I can share everything, and I will do whatever I can to help my friend. They have a lot of money they need to make up, but I am sure they can do it. It may have been a good lesson for both of them, and it will teach them to pull together as a family. Hopefully, their two rather spoiled| kids will learn something from this situation as well.

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