Talking about 30’s


Are you scared of turning 30? A study conducted with Barnet escorts state that many women are. I was really worried about turning 30, now when I am closer to 50, I have no idea why it stressed me. Nevertheless at the time I thought it was quite difficult procedure mainly because of my friends who ribbed me about it a lot. Turning 30 can be fairly a milestone in a woman’s life. Most of us expect to be married and settled with a family then.
I was far from married and even further from having kids, and it had started to stress me. Back then, in 1990’s most girls did not have professional careers, and with my high flying job. I rather stood out from the crowd. It made me feel about lonely, and I was anxious about approaching 30 years old. I had not wish to quit my job as I had spent such a long time acquiring my degree, but at the same time, I felt that the enjoyment was starting to disappear from my life.
The day after my 30th birthday, I woke up and realized it didn’t matter so much how old I was or what I was doing. I chose to live for the moment, and count my blessings.
Why are women so scared of turning 30? Is it because we can hear our body clocks ticking away, or are we just putting pressure on ourselves. Looking back, I think that a lot of women put pressure of themselves. We want this and we want that, one thing I have learned from life is that you cannot have everything.
Health and 30
Have you noticed that a lot of the popular women’s on line publications like Barnfield escorts from categorize women’s ages differently these days? Turning 30 is now suddenly a big deal, and short articles tilted towards women of 30 + the tendency to be a bit depressing. They talk about falling fertility levels, and inform you to watch out for sign of the peri-menopause. As a certified person within the medical field, I often wonder exactly what they are up to and it is not until you turn the page, and see the advert for the fertility clinic you realize what they are up to.
Most of the articles are not back up by any scientific fact and are only there to attract adverts. You are just as likely to conceive at 30 as you are at 20 years old. Besides, there is lot of things you can do to increase and protect your fertility. Turn the page and do not continue reading, women.
Clothing and 30
The same publications also often discuss fashion. Articles set to target the 30 plus woman commonly talks about dressing for your age, or they carry heading such as “Fashion for the over 30’s”. Why exactly what happens when you turn 30? Will the alarm go off when you walk in through the doors in leading store?
Well. Take it from me, it certainly does not. I am almost 50 but so far the old age alarm in leading store has not gone off, nor have any of the shop assistant told me to go to Barnfield instead.
Our obsession with the 30 age and the age issue in general seems to be getting worse. Why do we stress so much about how we look when we worry how we feel if you feel young, you are much more to look young and act young. A lot of what we read in papers and magazines is up there to attract advertisers not provide readers guidance.

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