My Sexy Student

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I used to teach math to college kids, and I cannot forget one of the girls I taught. Her name was Lisa,and she was one of the sexiest girls that I had ever met. During class time, I found it hard to take my eyes of her, and she had this sort of sexual energy about her. The other girls in the same group did talk a lot, and I understand that Lisa’s mum used to work for a London escorts service. As a matter of fact, the family owned one of the London escorts agencies.

Maybe a little bit of that had rubbed off on Lisa. I noticed that she was naturally flirty with all of the boys in the group, and she even winked at me sometimes. When that happened, I could feel something stir in my loins, and I knew that I wanted more of Lisa. However, the following year, Lisa never came back to college. It was a shame as she was a bright girl, and I imagined she may have gone off to join her families London escort service. I even found myself looking at a couple of London escorts
agencies to see if I could see her.Time moved on, and before I knew it, I had left my job to start to work for a private company in London instead. I must admit that thoughts of Lisa still filled my head, and I often wondered what had happened to this sexy girl. Imagining her working for a top London escorts service would not be very difficult, and at this point, I actively started to search for Lisa. I told myself it could not do any harm as she was not a student anymore. Besides, there was nothing to stop me from dating London escorts.

Going through the many London escorts agencies available, I soon came a cross a London escorts service which sounded a little bit different. In a way, there was something familiar about it, and I could not help to think of Lisa. Very few escort agencies in London talked about how long they had been established, but this one seemed to make a big deal out of it. It was sexy and classy, and the girls sort of looked young and fresh. Lisa had been always looked young and fresh, and I started to wonder if I had find the right agency.

None of the girls looked like Lisa at all, and that surprised. However, when I cam across information about the owner of this London escorts service, it was clear that I had found the right one. Lisa was smiling me from a page on the site, and it was explained that she was the owner and madame of the agency. I was fascinated by her, and wanted to give her a call, but something held me back. It turned out that she was married to a pilot and there was no change you could have a date with her. As consolation, I arranged a date with one of the other girls, and when we met, I pretended she was my sexy Lisa and made the most of our fantastic time together.

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