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Looking forward to spice up your sex life? Most people do embrace their sexual lives from different perspectives. Most people use lubricants to entice their sexual experiences. Lubes make penetration smooth and easy hence making sex more and more enjoyable than before. It is true that total pleasure is what most of us need at the time of sex. In case you find yourself not enjoying it to the brim, then it means you are missing out something great and that is sex lube. Most of the London escorts from do love or prefer using sexual toys for top pleasure. However, when picking the best lube to use, personal preference, ingredients and the type of activity you need to use for are the top things to put into consideration.
Whether you need anal or oral sex with our London escorts, lubes give you total pleasure. Our London escorts do understand how to properly use the best lubes for top quality sexual experience. The best lubes to use are the ones that are compatible with condom and are easy to rinse and clean out of the body. Besides, it can be used with any sex toy around. Our London escorts have all the skills and training needed to offer you complete pleasure any time you feel like you need making it more of fun. Lubricants are designed to make sexual experience more of fun and at the same time make the use of sexual toys safe enough. The issue of friction is thus cushioned by the use of best lubricant. Every time you have sex with London escorts, consider picking the best sexual lubricant to use.
Most of the lubes do come in three formulations. There are others that are water-based, petroleum based and finally silicone-based. Water-based lubes are the most commonly used lubes around and are also versatile. Water-based lubes are very easy to clean out of the body. Silicon-based lubes have same properties like the water-based but are water-proof. This therefore makes it suitable for anal sex play. Every time you want to have anal play with our London escorts, then prefer using the silicon-based lubes. Moreover, if you are that person that loves having sex under water, then silicon-based lube will be your lifetime companion. Nonetheless, silicon-based lubes are quite long lasting and this is why most of the people do prefer using it. Petroleum lubes are thicker compared to any other lube around. They are suitable for easy penetration or masturbation purposes.
It is true that picking the right sex toy with the correct lube can transform your sexual experience every time you come to have pleasure with our London escorts. In case you are looking for a massage from our London escorts, then the right lube to pick would be the silicon-based. This is because they last long and do not dry easily like the other types of lubricants. Feel free to contact us today for any escort service that you need. We have the best London escorts who understand all aspects involved in offering you the top pleasure. Get total pleasure from our London escorts by using the best lube that serves your purpose.

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