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Are you a mature adult? Have you ever been eager to give your partner mind-blowing sex that will end in a bed-rocking orgasm? Well, you are not the only adult craving for electrifying sex. The whole fun is determined by the sex positions you apply under the sheets. There are thrilling sex positions that will commit her to you every time she thinks of sex said by Luton escorts. A healthy sex life that is full of fun makes you the best lover. Below are sex positions that will give her electrifying orgasms, without resorting to vibrators.

Woman on Top

Deep down, women love being on top. That’s why we call this cowgirl. Letting your woman on top makes her assume all the control and sex powers. She likes the emotional gratification and the sexual stimulation that is achieved through this position. She perfectly rubs her clitoris against you in an exact manner that she likes. She can also rub herself easily on your cock to get you against her g-spot. The two combinations, clitoral and g-spot, secure her more chances of experiencing an electrifying orgasm. This position will make her climax harder than ever before said by Luton escorts of

Encourage Her to Use Her PC Muscles

Kegel exercise makes a woman strengthen her pelvic muscles. She can squeeze and contract her vagina and hold your cock tighter. Both of you will feel so much pleasure since the friction is increased. Use of pelvic muscles during sex often leads to a squirting orgasm. You haven’t lived until you give your woman this.


This is the standard man is on top position. This classic position works for many reasons. Eye contact is increased. Thus you can gaze at each other. She experiences increased intimacy and consistent arousal. The more the arousal, the faster she reaches the climax and the harder the orgasm. Missionary facilitates deep penetration when her legs are pushed back as far as she can handle said by Luton escorts. The man can vary his penetrations by observing which level provokes more groans and pleasure, since not all women enjoy deep penetration. Having an upward curved cock easily stimulates her g-spot. Keep the pace, and you will hear her groan with pleasure.

Hip Rotation

Many women find extra pleasure with the hip grind. It might not be the most stimulating position for men. You can do this when close to ejaculation. Grind circles in her and ensure you are controlling your orgasm. Men love to feel the orgasm build up and the pleasure that comes with it. The woman will certainly start building her orgasm too and might experience double orgasm. This means you both reach orgasm at the same time. Try this for her, and she will always demand it.

Thrust Control

It’s an old eastern style. You make eight shallow penetrations followed by one deep penetration. These thrusts are magical. A woman can tell that you are committed to giving her maximum pleasure.


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