Supervision And Sex: I’M The Boss

Kinky Fun

Being the boss is a wonderful thing. I get to pretend while I am working all day, when what I am really doing is checking out the great asses and tits of those that I hire. In fact, discrimination laws be damned. If a member of my staff does not look smoking hot, she has no chance of getting hired! I may sound blunt about it, but that is the way I roll. I love sex and I will use my position to get what I want.

With that in mind, we come to my most recent encounter with one of my girls at work. She was new on the job, young and of legal age, and beautiful! I could not believe my luck when business was a bit slow and it was just me and her alone for a few hours. Over that time, I simply could not control myself any longer. She refused my advances at first, but I think she became resigned that this was the way it was going to be if she was going to enjoy extra perks and be able to work the hours that she wanted. By the end of the day, we were on our way to a local hotel to get acquainted further.

Entering the room, I just had to see her breasts up close and personal. I whipped her around, yanked off her sexy store uniform top, and unfastened that bra of hers. Amazing is all I can say! The most beautiful and scrumptious breasts I have ever laid eyes on came popping out at full attention. That was it – I was sold. In fact, she could have sold me anything at that point and I was going to buy! Needs to say, my own sex tool was rock hard by this time, so I let her know that we needed to keep going. To the bed we went.

Just like many of the escorts I have been with in the past, this lady knew how to please. I should have known this given the way I have seen her service customers at the shop. That is exactly the service I got. She took my fingers and had me massage her pussy. Becoming wet in no time at all, I knew she ready for a pounding, and I delivered! Moaning in ecstasy, I came in record time to her growls of pleasure. Work would never be the same after this!

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