I marry the love of my life, and she is now a mother of my children



Marriage is a holy sacrament and the rights and obligations are for a lifetime. I always believe that love will come at the right time and moment. God has reserved one person for us to be with us on this earth’s journey. We have to wait for him/her to come over and makes our life complete. They say, never chase love because it will run. Don’t force love to avoid being hurt. Don’t be sad if you were still single because I know you will find your other half. I haven’t expected everything happened to me. I thought I would die single but happy. I was a fat guy, and I don’t expect anyone to love me because I am oversize. My weight saddened me because I never have a girlfriend. I have met many girls since it’s easy for me to date London Escorts of https://charlotteaction.org/. I thought that the times spent would lead to next level, but I was wrong.  They have loved the things that I can give more than me. I have realized that money can buy anything but money can make people love you. I don’t have against London Escorts but I am looking a partner to spend with. I have deal with depression and anxiety, and eating makes me happy and also London Escorts Helped me. I have accepted that no one likes me and I want to make myself happy before I die. I was eating in a restaurant, I have always been there because of my favorite cuisine. While I was busy eating, I don’t mind people around me like ‘I have paid with this, and I can eat it one time.” And here is one girl who was sitting beside me, because of curiosity I had to look up and was a shame because it was my high school crush. She went out to the country to continue her study of fashion in Paris. She looks stunning and lovely. But suddenly I have remembered myself, fat and ugly. I think she knows I feel sad and spoke to me about how is my life. She had also ordered, and we eat together. We have talked a lot like it was a long time since I have last seen her. That day was romantic, and I bring her home. She also suggested that we hang out and I feel happy. We have exchange numbers and messages. She never asked for fancy things and money. We are both comfortable and together. After months of hanging out, she needs to go back to Paris for her graduation. But before she leaves, she expresses her feelings and so is I to her. We have promised each other to keep in touch and marry when she’s back. After that, I want to transform. I had engaged in dieting and went to the gym. I spent a lot of work outs to loss weight. Years past and I was a different person. I am now fit and find myself good. When she goes back, I marry her, and now we have two beautiful daughters.

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