Do We Kick Off Christmas Too Early?

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Like other girls who work for London escorts agencies, I have this little cover job that I like to do. Every Saturday morning, and a couple of mornings during the week, I work for a Tesco supermarket. Like I tell my London escorts friends, it is a great little gig. I get a discount on Tesco products and it is something that I can put on my CV. Putting London escorts on a CV may not be the best career choice.

This year, I was asked to start stocking shelves with Christmas stocks in early September. I think that it is way too soon, When I am on duty with London escorts, I don’t hang my London escorts Christmas stocking up until the first week in December. Sure, for most London escorts, Christmas and the time leading up to Christmas is a great time to make some extra tips and perhaps get a few presents in. But, stocking Christmas goods in September is too soon for me and I am sure that many folk would agree with me.

You can save a lot of money on Christmas by planning ahead. I normally buy all of my Christmas stuff in January when the stores want to get rid of stuff. This is the best time to buy stuff for London escorts as well. Most stores produce special lingerie ranges for Christmas. After Christmas, you can snap them up for next to nothing. It is a great way to save on my London escorts lingerie bill and I love browsing around the shops to find the best deals. However, it also tells me that Christmas is more about bagging a bargain than the actual Christmas message.

What about all of the Christmas food? You can pile on pounds by stuffing yourself with Christmas food and that would not do my London escorts career any good. Last year, the supermarket that I work for threw away a couple of tons of Christmas food that we did not sell. Why buy in so much in the first place? I really don’t get that at all. Would it not be better to buy in less food and throw less away?

Christmas has certainly become a time of excess and we seem to have lost the message. I did not work for London escorts during Christmas last year. I would normally go on a Caribbean holiday with my best friends from London escorts but last year I did something different. I worked in a shelter for the homeless and served up Christmas dinner. It was a great experience and it will stay with me for a long time. Perhaps I will do the same thing this year as well, it just made me feel good. I think that it is something that many London escorts would be good at, but yet, many of the girls were surprised that I did my bit for charity.

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