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So my dating backstory is that I didn’t really date up until two years ago and I was like, hmm, I kind of want to give it a go and I actually had a couple of friends around me that were seeing people off of dating websites like¬† and I was like, those are some really nice guys, I like this.

And so, I sort of went on a year of going on online dates and sort of, you know, I feel like I went into it thinking of it as a bit of a social experiment. Like, oh let’s see what this is like.

And I’ve been seeing someone for a year and a half. And I really enjoy sort of talking through what I did to make it work for me.¬† These are all general tips and the first one that I think is one of the most important ones is to pull up the security gates.

So what I did is I immediately put on the filter that was only people with an 85% match or higher can message me and that’s how you sort of get rid of most of the harassment. So that is tip number one for me. At least you know you won’t get any people that are entirely different from what you’re looking for.

Tip number two is about pictures. So let’s see what you have. pictures, good number. So basically what I did as my strategy was I put my best picture as my second picture. My idea was my first picture was still a good picture but I don’t want people to go in and then go for the best.

And also I want people to like me for what I look like usually. like have your first picture be a nice picture but one that looks like you and then you can always, if you have more glamorous shots or whatever.

Tip number three is attached to that and that is show your friends your pictures and ask them honestly, “Is this what I look like?”

I think it is, and you also have a full-body shot, which is always good. I think this is a good mix and then you’ve done a friend picture towards the end which is nice so they don’t have to guess which one you are. I would probably put a picture in as well that has, ’cause you have lots of cute dresses and pictures from premieres and stuff. but I don’t wanna like be all braggy and like that.

So you’ve done really well on my next point, which is the don’t fill out too much but also don’t do too little. ‘Cause sometimes you’ll go into someone’s profile and they’ve put two or three words for every question. But you wanna know a bit more and you can’t go off of three lines and obviously if you’re on different dating apps they sort of go off of very little information.

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