Am I Homophobic


Don’t you know what homophobic means? To my great surprise, there are still people out there who like to hook up with London escorts who are homophobic. I was really shocked that some of the men who like to date London escorts from worry about men being homosexual. Most members of my generation don’t even think about what sexuality a person is or have adopted. I am sure that goes forĀ  almost all London escorts.


What makes a person homophobic? That is hard to say. I have dated men at London escorts who simply do not have a reason to be homophobic at all. When I start talking to them about it, they can’t explain why they are homophobic or feel that way. On many occasions, they have been brought up in a household where homosexuals were frowned upon. It is true. Many members of a more senior generation think that homophobia is something that is bad. I have even met people who think it is a curse. Fortunately London escorts are open-minded.


How do these men feel about bisexual London escorts? This is what really gets to me. I really can’t understand why so many of these men don’t mind bisexual London escorts. Most of them even like to spend time with bisexual London escorts. Does it have something to do with that most bisexual London escorts are girls? I am beginning to think so, but I do also wonder if there is more to it than that. Maybe they even find bisexual escorts in London a turn on? If that is the case, I know some of the hottest and kinkiest bisexual escorts in London. Would you like to know more, just give me a call.


How do you know if you are homophobic? Despite many considerable experience of working for London escorts, I can’t always spot a man who is homophobic. However, if they start looking at two men out on a date, you will have to ask yourself why. Sometimes, it is easy to assume that two men are homophobic when they are not. You will also find that homophobic men are against homosexual sex on TV and men kissing on TV. It makes you wonder if we are ever going to accept homosexual and bisexual people fully? I am not sure that we will ever become totally accepting of what I like to all alternative lifestyles.


It makes you wonder if we will ever change. I am sure that there are some people who are always going to be homophobic and you will not be able to change them. Are there homosexual London escorts? We don’t have any homosexual male London escorts working for our escort agency, but that does mean that there are not homosexual escorts in London. As a matter of fact, what ever you need when it comes to adult fun, can be found in London. So, tell me, what are you looking for tonight?

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