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Imagine the sun warms your body, the sound of the oceans captivating your mind into the calmest, most peaceful, coldest drink that quenches your thirst, the warm breeze holds the tiny hairs of your immovable body, Knightsbridge Escorts from https://charlotteaction.org/knightsbridge-escorts, the meditation of the mother-earth unlimited, annoyed to bring the mind and body closer to the state of coexistence and peace. When all your senses are united, your tone of voice suddenly warns with the voice of a friend who says in his Texas style, “… if a man hits me, I will be faster,” “There is no way to defeat or force someone And suddenly, for a split second, I was torn apart from my rest, my body tightened, the emotional wall grew stronger, my mind returned to the place of punishment, Knightsbridge Escorts.

I slipped casually into the conversation, without expressing shame, my luggage, my heart, and told him that there were many reasons why women remained in violent situations, Knightsbridge Escorts. We stay away from fear, we fear that other people will know our dirty secrets, the fears our children will know (even though they already know it), fear of losing our family, fear of punishment, fear of failure and failure to provide children we, Knightsbridge Escorts. Children we accept less because of shame. We are embarrassed. Sometimes we deal with violence and this reinforces shame, Knightsbridge Escorts.

When my thoughts about shame and judgment found the right form in my mind, he repeated his statement. Their beliefs and strength evoke feelings of guilt and are mixed with judgment, Knightsbridge Escorts. It is very frightening that the feelings that I thought they rejected back so easily, and now fear is awakened. That need moved me, because I wanted him to understand that his words resonated with strength as a judgment. His words dispel insults that I am weak and sad. I want to understand it, but I don’t want him to know it, Knightsbridge Escorts. Even when I write this, I don’t want anyone to know the depth or secrets of my personal journey. However, vulnerability in my world is a direct link to deep pain and emotional pain, Knightsbridge Escorts.

I stated, without drawing too much attention that the conversation was private to me, that we made all decisions with the information and feelings we had at that time, Knightsbridge Escorts. Harassment is complex. We all take different things from each connection, and our humanitarian task is to provide a safe and underserved place for others who for whatever reason are caught in cruel situations, Knightsbridge Escorts.

And when I suddenly shivered, I immediately closed my eyes and did it, Knightsbridge Escorts. Fight the inner struggle of my feelings while maintaining my physical behaviour in despair. When I squeeze, my feelings of shame, judgment, guilt, and mental pain resemble all other careless people, Knightsbridge Escorts. But now I feel the warmth of the sun, now the drinks are cold, warm and not, the waves roar, every wind is bolder and stronger and always calms the warm wind now entering my body without permission, Knightsbridge Escorts. There was a fight in my head, but a new feeling arose. This new emotional friend affirms that, although briefly, I have found unity, and it is a privilege to help others find peace. With this new emotional ally, my senses relax again, Knightsbridge Escorts.

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