Who You Get Into Bed With

Kinky Fun

Are there some people you simply should not fuck? I have to admit that I find it really hard to control my desires from time to time. The same thing can probably be said for most girls who work for London escorts agencies. I don’t know what it is about us London escorts. Many of us do have an itch from time to time that there are some people we simply must fuck. That does not mean that fucking just anybody is the right thing to do.

Let me give you an example. One of my London escorts clients is really well-off and has his own private jet. I love it when I am flown around in it, but I do have one major problem. The thing is that I would love to fuck one of his pilots. This guy is one of the sexiest men that I have ever seen and I would love to find out what is under that uniform of his. I have told my London escorts friends that I really struggle to keep my hands off him.

He is not the only man that in their personal life charlotte escorts would really like to fuck. One of my other London escorts regulars has a dishy driver. He is tall, and I have got into my head that he has a giant cock waiting for me. I have caught sight of his package several times, and let me tell you what, I really think that this guy is packing if you know what I mean. I would my London escorts client feel about me wanting to fuck his driver? Well, I am pretty sure that he would not be too happy about that

Then we have my Deliveroo driver. Whenever I decide to have a takeaway, the same guy turns up at my door. Unfortunately, he is in such a rush that I have never had a chance to check out his package. But, I have checked out his rear and it looks nice and tight in those lycra shorts. I would love to give him a very special tip and show him some serious London escorts action. But, I guess, that could backfire on me. He may begin to expect the same kind of tip every time he comes around to my place. That could give me a bad name in the neighborhood.

I think that it is easy to get over-excited. Sometimes when I come home from London escorts I am so horny that I don;t know what to do with myself. I end up getting all of my sex toys out and I go completely over the top. I create all of these crazy fantasies about the men that I would like to fuck. It is so naughty and I know that I am not helping myself. After all, I don’t know if I am ever going to get a chance to fuck all of these guys that I fantasize about all day long when I am not working.

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