Choosing to stay married for the kids is happiness

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For the past six months, my husband and I have debated whether to part or try to improve our marriage. I really want to fix it. We have been married for more than ten years, and it’s too much time for me to invest in something and then turn and stay away from it, Brompton Escorts of says. Now I don’t feel too comfortable with my husband, but I suspect that if we resolve some of our problems, the feeling will come back. So I am more than willing to make a commitment to improve my marriage. The problem is my husband can’t say that. Well, I have to make it clear. He did not know whether he could say the same thing. Every time I ask him what he thinks, he tells me that he is still unsure. I did not understand why he was so hesitant. Or he thinks our marriage is worth it or not. What’s so difficult?

I can think of what he thinks, but honestly, only the man knows, Brompton Escorts says. And because of his doubts, he might not be very clear in this thought.

However, there are usually a number of common reasons when people aren’t sure if they want to get married. Following are some of these options, Brompton Escorts says.

He worries that you will not succeed: Many people fear that they will risk their hearts and burn their souls and in the end all this hard work will fail, Brompton Escorts says. They suspected that this would be a painful and uncomfortable waste of time. And that’s why they prefer not to be vulnerable just to get hurt.

The way to go is to clarify that you are more than willing to find or find outside help (or at least a system that has a good track record). Do it yourself, Brompton Escorts says. “If you are not a mechanic and do not know anything about cars, will you try to repair your own car and then drive a busy highway? I hope it is not wise to call an expert, or at least read books and self-help programs written by the experts, so you can be sure that you don’t waste your time, Brompton Escorts says.

He worries he’s not ready for many unpleasant tasks: Think of something you really hate. Say he is a dentist. You know you have to do it, but you might be scared a few weeks ago. Well, that’s how many men think about talking about their feelings and putting their feelings on the table for review – many think what they should do when trying to save their marriage, Brompton Escorts says.

Now I go through this process and I can tell you that nobody asks you to lie on the couch and share your darkest childhood memories, Brompton Escorts says. But your husband can imagine variations on this topic. And if so, his body tends to go awry every time he thinks of the process, and he thinks he might not want to save his marriage, Brompton Escorts says.

The way to avoid this rejection is to make great efforts to keep things light and simple. Try to bring this aspect of pleasure into this. When my husband and I finally made progress in saving our marriage, I always tried to back down when everything went well and only encouraged our days to have fun and never discussed our marriage, Brompton Escorts says. There were times when I was afraid to do it because I was afraid we would lose momentum, but every time it really strengthened us because my husband saw that it could be very pleasant. Try to make it look like a fun adventure where you can find yourself instead of tearing up your marriage before you rebuild it. He is not sure how he feels: sometimes he accepts negativity and suspicion he feels about the whole process, and he is wrong because of a lack of feelings about you, Brompton Escorts says. This might make him ask if there is a reasonable feeling. And if he is unsure of his feelings, he may wonder whether trying to fix your marriage is a waste of time.

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